New Opportunity!

I’ll be shifting gears as I am departing the best consulting company in southwest Ohio (Strategic Data Systems) !  I will certainly miss the great developers that work there. 

That said, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be taking on a new position with Applied Information Sciences (AIS) as a Principle Software Engineer in Beavercreek, OH.  AIS is a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner, based out of Reston, Virginia and has offices in Maryland, Texas, and Ohio.

Just recently (September 2010) AIS setup an office in the Dayton area and they are expanding to grow a great team of developers interested in building products and solutions for our customers with the latest and greatest .net technologies.

I’m off to an exciting start of a new year !  One of my new personal objectives and goals will be to help grow and support the Dayton .NET area, in particular and to start with the Dayton .NET User group – to be more active and involved there.  Several of my SDS co-workers are heavily involved in the Cincinnati .NET user group and I watched that grow over time and produce some good speakers and community.

So – here is to 2011 – let’s hope it brings new and exciting challenges!


One thought on “New Opportunity!

  1. Good luck to you Steve. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in for us at SDS and I look forward to seeing you at more community events (starting with CodeMash!).

    I would say something like, “traitor”, or “deserter”, but that would be childish and immature. 😉

    Seriously, good luck.

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