Simple Quick Git Common Actions

Create Branch:

Switch to a new branch:

git checkout -b branch-name

Shows the branch your on highlighted by *

git branch

Add files – marks any files to be added

git add .

Check-in changes

git commit -a -m “message”   //I always use the -a even with the git add . usage

Merge (to master)

switch back to the branch you want to merge to

git checkout master

specify the branch you want to merge from

git merge branch-name

optional – remove that branch

git branch -d branch-name

to completely abandon a branch:

git branch -D branch-name //only if you really screw things up

Revert – or rather we can still undo the changes easily by having Git check out the previous commit with the checkout command (and a -f flag to force overwriting the current changes):

git checkout -f


Extra Content


This is definite OT but to add a few bonus items 🙂

Initial creation (this assumes you setup heroku):

heroku create --stack cedar
git push heroku master
(if using rails: heroku run rake db:migrate)