Using Grunt with DurandalJs/RequireJs

One of the things I have quickly learned when using DurandalJS is that most often when learning about how to do things within Durandal, the real answer is to look into either KnockoutJS or into RequireJS.

In my last project we used DurandalJS and I was very pleased. However, the one piece I wasn’t very satisfied with was using Weyland. Since I was unable to use server side bundling, I need some solutions.

When I started, I was looking for some help on this, and now that I have a solution in place, I wanted to share back what approach I took and what worked well for me.

I have created a gist that highlights the Gruntfile and the packages I used.   Additionally it includes the optional Visual Studio ‘post-build’ code that was used:

I hope this helps others out there as well!



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