This blog is thoughts and musings – notes of problems I solve in software development.  Often times I’ll blog about things that I don’t want to forget about later 🙂  My real passion in development is in web development (and of recent, much around mobile web development).   My strengths are in javascript (real javascript, not ‘just jQuery’) and server side technologies such as asp.net.  I typically build out single page applications style applications  – rich client side behavior.

I’m a huge knockoutjs fan, as I find it solves many issues in the sites I’ve built  – although I don’t limit myself to one approach – you’ll see me fiddling around with other frameworks such as Backbone or EmberJs.  You’ll find some of my ‘samples’ and experiments out on my github site.

I have used C# /.NET since it was in beta – started with webforms, but quickly fell in love with asp.net mvc (I was moving quickly to Monorail before this).  Although I’ve primarily worked in .net – mostly due to my customers, I have experience with Grails and Rails.  Additionally, on the side, I love playing with all kinds of technologies – for example, I’m enthralled with NodeJS and MongoDB, etc… just looking for a good chance to use it  🙂   Also, I am a rather big Apple advocate, I love Macs and I love iOS.  When I’m not messing around with web applications, I dig into learning iPad development with Objective-C.

I’ve worked mostly as a consultant for many years now – and I love my job as a Principle Software Engineer at Applied Information Sciences.   At AIS, I’ve done javascript/web work for companies such as Vogue (I was a part of building the vogue digital archive) and Geico.

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